Choke Bitch Choke (CFC-DVD-0008)

(Running time: 70 Minutes)

HD Download: 1.5 GB

Price: $29.99

Full Length DVD

Price: $29.99

This is an hour-long grudge match between Miss Jade and Hannah Perez!!!

Non-stop choking in this epic battle featuring two Hot, Hispanic girls. Lots of trash talking in Spanish…lots of anger and frustration!!!

Both girls applied a wide-variety of choke-holds including leg scissors, sleepers and hands around the throat!!!

This is one of the greatest films featuring choking of all time…You got to see it to believe it!!!

All choking is real & authentic…Nothing is Fake!!!

Neither girl wanted to tap out or submit…But, one girl finally did!!! If you want to see who won, buy the video!!!


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